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A couple years ago—perhaps compelled by a comment by me—my dad and my stepmother sent me The New Student Bible—Expanded and Updated (Zondervan, New International Version).  This is the version of the Bible I will work through.  For one, it’s the one my dad took time to send to me.  Second, it’s the one I have (aside from the pocket Gideon version, which a well-meaning individual thrust into my hand on campus–this one seemed a bit light for my purposes here).

I will do my best to skip the commentary by the author and instead focus only on the content of the good book.  I understand that The Bible has been altered, re-interpreted, corrected, etc. several times over.  As such, is there any “correct” version? Given this fact, I will assume that what is in this edition is as close to anyone else’s as is practical.

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  1. Faye says:

    Have you known about The Bible Project? They give excellent overviews of each book of the Bible. A lot of growing churches, schools, study groups, families, and individuals around the world have been using their resources for study, and for myself, it has been a big help in making it easier to read and understand the Bible, and thus also have been a big help in clearing my own confusions about the Book, life, and God. I hope you will check it out, and I hope you will find peace, joy, and love in your journey.
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  2. nbamike says:

    Hi have you found an answer to your question yet? I’ve been wondering the same thing and all I’ve found so far is that NIV & KJV seem to be the most common versions of the Bible.

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