The Bible Project – Now What?

The Bible Project – Now What?

When I started this project I didn’t think that I would finish reading both the Old and New Testament in less than a year. I also underestimated how much of my time this project would consume.  It was worthwhile, however. For now all I will say is that I am glad to have finally read this book.

As I continue to process all that I read, spend time reviewing my notes and posts, digest my impressions of the text, and also contemplate a number of the useful comments I received, I find myself in an interesting spot.

I almost feel like I did when I graduated college: now what?

At some point soon I will collect my thoughts and blog about these impressions.  I also know that my journey will not end here.  As I have mentioned this project to a number of people, I have been handed a lot of books—here, you should also read this, many people have said.

Going forward, I am going to continue to explore ideas surrounding the Bible through some of these books.  The first of which, Randel McCraw Helms’ Who Wrote the Gospels, investigates the authorship of the first four books of the New Testament.  I’m not sure what I will find but I am curious how (and if) this book will supplement my impressions of what I read.

Then I am moving on to the Apocrypha.  I am curious to read the books that were cut from the Bible, the books that were deemed unworthy and not canonized. This seems like a decision made by man, which is confusing: didn’t God have a hand in all of the Bible? So why would some be cut?

I plan to resume posts in the Spring, after I recharge my batteries (so to speak), and devote some time to different writing projects in the meantime.  For now, I would like to thank everyone who has stopped by to share in my journey here and especially to those who have taken the time to send me feedback.

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Brad Windhauser has a Master's in English from Rutgers University (Camden campus) and an MFA in creative writing from Queens University of Charlotte. He is an Associate Professor (Teaching/Instruction) in the English Department at Temple University. His short stories have appeared in The Baltimore Review, The Santa Fe Writer's Project Journal, Ray's Road Review, Philadelphia Review of Books, Northern Liberty Review, and Jonathan. His first novel, Regret (a gay-themed thriller set in Philadelphia) was published in 2007. You can read more about (and buy) it here: His second novel, The Intersection, is being published by Black Rose Writing September 2016. He is one of five regular contributors to On his solo blog, he is chronicling his experience as a gay writer reading the Bible for the first time: Follow his work at:
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