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The Bible Project – Now What?

The Bible Project – Now What? When I started this project I didn’t think that I would finish reading both the Old and New Testament in less than a year. I also underestimated how much of my time this project … Continue reading

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The #Bible’s New Testament: The Book of Revelations – The End is Near (The Bible’s Disaster Flick)

With the exception of perhaps the recent Sharknado, there isn’t a disaster movie Jared doesn’t love.  Maybe love is strong word, but when 2012, The Day After Tomorrow, Dante’s Peak or Deep Impact airs, forget about it.  Instead of debating … Continue reading

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The #Bible’s New Testament: The Book of Jude – Sounding the Alarm against Men Who Follow Natural Instincts

Can you call yourself a movie fan and NOT have seen a Mel Gibson film? If you never saw Braveheart, you probably saw at least one of the lethal weapon films. You might have skipped The Man Without a Face … Continue reading

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