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These section contains posts that detail what the project is about, what inspired it, and how I have approached it.

The Bible Project Blog: Approach

Each week or so I will work through a different book.  Throughout the week I will discuss and interpret the content (as I would a piece of literature), see how my impressions match with how other people have interpreted the … Continue reading

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The Bible Project Blog: Coming Out

I was born and mostly raised in Los Angeles’ San Fernando Valley.  Aside from spending six months in Plano, Texas, and six months in Atlanta, Georgia, my family enjoyed all that southern California has to offer: great weather, good friends … Continue reading

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The Bible Project Blog: Project Background

Mom is a reader, so I assume I received the reading gene from her.  Dad also reads but not to the same extent.  My Aunt Jean managed a Walden Books store when I was younger.  Needless to say, I always … Continue reading

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