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So What’s the Point? What Lasting Impact Does Helms Make on My Understanding of the Gospels?

So What’s the Point? In the summer of 2004, I dated a guy (whom I will call Chris) for a hot minute. He volunteered with a Christian organization in Camden, and although we were clearly not going to work out, … Continue reading

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Who Wrote Matthew? Helms Investigates How Matthew Re-Wrote Mark

Who Wrote Matthew? When I teach research, I stress how important the quality of sources is. Today’s students have grown up with no (or little) knowledge of what life was like before the Internet, so they’ve always grown up with … Continue reading

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The Bible’s New Testament: The Gospel of Matthew IV – Notable but Less Famous Jesus Moments

If you Google “wasting talent,” a plethora of hits return—8,380,000 to be exact.  Judging by a sample of the titles, you can tell that these entries deal with similar content: “Talent Is Not Enough for Success,” “Are We Wasting Talent?” … Continue reading

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