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From Genesis to Deuteronomy: Thoughts on the Old Testament Thus Far

When I was fifteen, I began my ten-week Driver’s Education class at my high school.  Some students were blasé about the whole thing, some were nervous, some were excited.  I was petrified that I would fail and never get my … Continue reading

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The Old Testament: Deuteronomy IV – Reflecting on the Death of Moses

A typical action movie stereotype involves the hard-nosed character (usually a man) who was a reluctant recruit to a particular journey/quest.  Said character has to be roped into joining what he considered to be a hopeless, pointless, usually-suicidal quest.  He’ll … Continue reading

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The Old Testament: Deuteronomy III – Divorcing, Raping and Enslaving: Fun for Women in Deuteronomy

Last year’s heartwarming story about Rep. Todd Akin (R-MO) who finally cleared up the issue of legitimate versus illegitimate rape for everyone understandably incensed a number of people.  But before people could right off the completely misguided opinions of this … Continue reading

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