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From Genesis to Deuteronomy: Thoughts on the Old Testament Thus Far

When I was fifteen, I began my ten-week Driver’s Education class at my high school.  Some students were blasé about the whole thing, some were nervous, some were excited.  I was petrified that I would fail and never get my … Continue reading

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The Old Testament: Numbers IV – Towns of Refuge

As a server, I, along with most of the staff, worked with someone who I didn’t think was particularly bright.  This other employee, who was about my age, didn’t know any of the cultural references with which my generation would … Continue reading

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The Old Testament: Numbers III – Bloodshed Soils the Land

In kindergarten, I constructed a feather and Native American headband from construction paper.  Right before Thanksgiving, we were learning how our country was settled. Throughout the colonies, our brave first settlers had to guard against the evil, mean Native Americans.  … Continue reading

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