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From Genesis to Deuteronomy: Thoughts on the Old Testament Thus Far

When I was fifteen, I began my ten-week Driver’s Education class at my high school.  Some students were blasé about the whole thing, some were nervous, some were excited.  I was petrified that I would fail and never get my … Continue reading

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The Old Testament: Exodus VI: Closing Thoughts

So perhaps this book is the first look at what it really means to have faith in God. Yes, Noah had plenty of faith (in Genesis) but his story doesn’t get the thorough treatment that Moses gets here. Abraham and … Continue reading

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The Old Testament: Exodus V: God and His Tabernacle Requirements.

My parents were more than reasonable with both me and my brother. For the most part, If there was a rule, they too followed it. If something only applied to us, they explained why this was so. Let’s say they … Continue reading

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