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The Old Testament: 1 Chronicles I – The Devil’s in the Details?

I’ve often heard that some of the best singers of my generation could sing the phone book and create a hit. Adele, for example.  And although this might be true, in part because of her ability to know which elements … Continue reading

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The Old Testament: 2 Samuel, I: Is it Easy to Judge a Parent’s Choice?

At the mall, I’ve witnessed some awful kids.  You know the ones, the brats who, when told by their parent to do (or NOT do) something, they ignore the parent or tell them off.  Although I must admit that it’s … Continue reading

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The Old Testament: 1 Samuel (and part of 2), III – Lot of Love between David and Jonathan

I understand that some people are more observant than others.  I reminded myself of this fact when I read a recent cover story in Entertainment Weekly that profiled stars from the upcoming Liberace biopic.  This film examines the flamboyant icon’s … Continue reading

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